A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The 3rd Elector Count of Glutvania is having a Party,

He's grown fat off his subjects and intends to sire some fresh vamps.

Time to crash this party and dust this sucker!

"I just hope no innocents get hurt in the process".

The object of the game is to Kill the Head Vampire "The Count" without being spotted or running into his thralls/minions. The only way to spot the Blood Suckers is to see them not reflect in the mirrors in his majestic castle ballroom.

Use your trusty shotgun to dispatch the fiends without killing the innocent!

Install instructions

If you have relatively recent Mac you should be able to just run the binary.

Unfortunately the binary is not signed so - use at your own risk :)

Same goes for the windows users.


A/S/W/D - waltz around

space - the "trusty" shotgun.


VampiresBall_mac.zip 18 MB
VampiresBall_pc.zip 17 MB